Alongside our award winning solo shows and audio series we also offer workshops designed around our unique methods for storytelling. Through workshops we explore solo and collaborative performance combining minimal resources with massive imagination. 


We’ve worked together with organisations, schools and universities across the country to offer a wide range of participants a unique experience in creating theatre stories using just their bodies.

Real stripped back storytelling. 


No previous experience is required, just a willingness, curiosity and energy. Our workshops are for everyone. From experienced creatives, to students, and those just starting out in the industry.


"The Beasthouse residency with second year Theatre Arts students was a huge success.  Challenging but accessible the group were pushed to explore the limits of their physicality in storytelling.  All delivered with energy, enthusiasm and humour.  A must for anyone exploring the physicality of the actor."

Dr Phil Green
Programme Leader
BA (HONS) Theatre Arts


"Our students really connected with Lewis’ style of theatre and were thrilled by both his one-man-show and the workshop, which introduced them to the art of mime and physical storytelling. Along with a number of simple yet effective techniques, he gave them the confidence to push on with their solo performance skills and the work produced was imaginative and impactful."

David Aldred 
Head of Academic Drama


Adam Cross
Director of Drama


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"My students regularly refer to BOAR with awe and delight. They were totally inspired by the clarity, skill and energy with which Lewis created the huge cast of engaging characters. We would all love him to come back."

Dawn Morris Wolffe 
Lead Drama Teacher

Having Beasthouse perform ‘Wolf’ here at Harrow was a great success. Not only were the audience captivated by the virtuosity of Lewis’ performance, but those studying GCSE and A Level Drama courses were able to take great inspiration and learning from the high-octane, physically inventive performance style. At a time when theatre trips can be complicated for schools to arrange, it was particularly fantastic to be able to welcome the show here. Drama lessons in the following days were buzzing with excitement! Moreover, Elaine and Lewis were excellent to work with, mounting the show in our space with complete efficiency, flexibility and professionalism.