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The creator of WOLF brings you his latest character crammed, action packed, one man fantasy adventure tale...welcome to the Kingdom of Skadi.

A distant land over-run with barbarians, thieves, and other creatures of an evil disposition. With the King's daughter captured by the legendary GORN the dragon. BOAR embarks on an epic quest to collect the biggest bounty in the land, and save Skadi from destruction.



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***Further dates to be announced soon***

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Lewis Doherty is a Nottingham born, actor, writer and comedian. He is the creator, director and performer of WOLF the play and BOAR the play as well as appearing in BBC Threes acclaimed #HoodDocumentary. Lewis was also one quarter of the comedy sketch group Laughing Stock. WOLF is currently touring the UK following sell out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 performing at the Underbelly venue. You can contact Lewis direct for further details on WOLF or BOAR using the "Get in Touch" section above or click on the "Next Up" banner to see further info on WOLF (#WOLFtheplay) and its upcoming UK tour. BOAR (#BOARtheplay) is currently previewing around the UK in preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe 2019

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